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WP Theme Installation

WordPress Install

Hey there!
If you have not yet installed wordpress download it from the link below by clicking on "Download Wordpress".
Installing WordPress Link - * Instruction is located the same link!
Famous five minute WordPress installation will bring you positive feedback on this CMS

If you have installed, or was installed WP, go to the next step.

Theme Install

This is the first and easiest way to install the theme.
  • Go to Appearance Themes.
  • Click on Add New at the top.
  • Click on Upload Theme at the top.
  • Upload "" archive file via web interface
  • Upload "" archive file via web interface too, if you want customize your theme safely.
  • Activate newly main installed theme

Theme Install via FTP

This is the second way to install the theme.
  • Unzip "" on your Desktop. You should get folder called "b-i-g"
  • If you want to customize your theme safely unzip "" on your Desktop too. You should get folder called "b-i-g-child"
  • Sign in to your hosting using your favorite FTP client.
  • Navigate to /wp-content/themes/ and upload "b-i-g" and "b-i-g-child" folder.
  • Open WordPress Dashboard and go to Appearance Themes and activate b-i-g main theme from there.

Theme Required Plugins

Post-installation issues.

After installing the theme you will see window with a message about installing the required plug-ins. Don't ignore it, Begin installing plugins and Activate all of them

Setting up the Demo Content

Before importing the dummy data Make sure you have all the plugin installed ( if you want to use woocommerce, make sure to install woocomerce first ).
Because of large import file for some hosting was decided to separate one file on different parts. Read how to Prevent Issues!
From 21.05.2016 one click import include 5 parts of Main Content, install it all to get same result as on demo website without any issues.

Please Note: Images in the main file are replaced by placeholders, all images used for demo purpose only. Don’t worry about elements, shapes and unique graphic, it is allready in your main file.

One Click Importer

  • Increase next values on your hosting:
    • 1. upload_max_filesize 64M
    • 2. post_max_size 64M
    • 3. max_execution_time 3600
    • 4. max_input_time 3600
    • 5. memory_limit 256M
    • 6. max_input_vars 3000
  • Activate LMM Menu area, go to LMM Menu > Menu Panel > Config and activate this theme location: Header Nav 01
  • Dont forget import options to LMM Menu > Menu Panel > Import/Export from file in "demo-content" folder in your Main File. You should copy and past code from LMM_Options_Export_File.json file to Import from File area in LMM Menu > Menu Panel > Import/Export tab and click import.
  • Activate all plugins and start importing of Content Part - 1, Content Part - 2, Content Part - 3, Content Part - 4, Content Part - 5 one by one, keep calm, server need some time to import it.
  • All main sliders allready imported, more sliders you may find in "demo-content" folder in the Main File, you may easily import it in the RevSlider manually because their weight more than 200mb in general, it is too much for hosting php memory and other values, and maybe you do not need all of them.

WordPress Importer

If you want to use manual import tool you have 2 options:
1. If you have great hosting porvider and more php values than needed you may import all content from xml file in your Main File: demo-content > manual import > main-content > Content All Parts in One - 1-5.xml
2. If you need do same as on one click import tab manually you may import all content from xml files in same folder. Install files one by one from Content Part - 1.xml to Content Part - 5.xml
* - Don't forget install RevSlider Main Sliders and LMM Menu Options. All sliders you may find in demo-content folder of your Main File

If something went wrong and you need to import the content again, you may need to reset your WordPress.
Use this plugin to reset the WordPress database:

Theme Options, LMM Menu Options, RevSlider content import.

To import LMM Options content you should import it here:

To import Revolution Sliders content you should import it here:

Error or Problem with Import of the Demo

If you have problems importing the demo ( example: infinite loading, error 500 with when using wordpress importer, check you console on errors 500 Internal Server Error (F12 in Chrome Browser) ) then you may have a problem with the server settings. Please check this:

If the import stalls and fails to respond after a few minutes, or it fails with a simple error message like “Import failed,” You are suffering from PHP configuration limits that are set too low to complete the process. You should contact your web host and ask them to increase those limits to a minimum as follows:

  • upload_max_filesize 64M
  • post_max_size 64M
  • max_execution_time 3600
  • max_input_time 3600
  • memory_limit 256M
  • max_input_vars 3000

You can verify your PHP configuration limits by installing a simple plugin found here. And you can also check your PHP error logs to see the exact error being returned.

Also if possible update your PHP version to 5.5

After doing this you can reset your database using the WordPress Database Reset Plugin and try to re-import the demo data ( WARNING : Reset the database will make you lost all the data of your current wordpress )

If you still have problem your web host may uses process watching software that prevents bulk processing on their web servers.

If you have problem please submit a ticket and we will help you to import the demo.

First Steps

Menu Setup

Creating your menu

  • Log into your WordPress Dasrdoard.
  • From the 'Appearance' menu on the left-hand side of the Dasrdoard, select the 'Menus' option to bring up the Menu Editor.
  • Select Create a new menu at the top of the page.
  • Enter a name for your new menu in the Menu Name box.
  • Click the Create Menu button.
  • Your menu is now defined, and you can now add pages to it (steps below).

Adding pages to your menu

The Screen Options allow you to choose which items you can use to add to a menu. Certain items, like Posts are hidden by default. The Screen Options are located in the top right corner of your WordPress Dasrdoard.

  • Locate the pane entitled Pages.
  • Within this pane, select the View All link to bring up a list of all the currently published Pages on your site.

  • Select the Pages that you want to add by clicking the checkbox next to each Page's title.
  • Click the Add to Menu button located at the bottom of this pane to add your selection(s) to the menu that you created in the previous step.
  • Click the Save Menu button once you've added all the menu items you want.

  • Your custom menu has now been saved.

Assigning a Menu to a Location

Once you've created a menu and filled it with items, it's time to assign it to one of the theme pre-defined locations.

  • Go to Appearance Menus and click Manage Locations.
  • Assign each Theme Location with a menu. You can assign menus to multiple Theme Locations.
  • Click the Save Changes button.

  • Your custom menu has now been saved.

LMM Mega Menu and Theme Menu Location Activating

After theme installation you should to activate theme locations for any menu area, after you can use it as Mega Menu.

  • Go to LMM Menu Menu Panel Config
  • Check all locations you want to use as LMM Mega Menu with all LMM Menu Features.
  • Click the Save Changes button.

LMM Mega Menu Usage

How to use LMM Menu and LMM Menu Elements? Read more here:

Create Blog Posts

Adding Posts

  • Log in to your WordPress Administration Panel (Dasrdoard)
  • Click the 'Posts' tab.
  • Click the 'Add New' sub-tab.
  • Start filling in the blanks: enter your post title in the upper field, and enter your post body content in the main post editing box below it.
  • As needed, select a category, add tags, post format, fill in the meta setings below the editor.
  • Upload a featured image for your Post.
  • Add Excerpt if you select same option in Theme Options Blog Settings Select Content Option or insert Read More tag.

Create Image Post

  • Click on tab called Image
  • Set Featured Image

Create Video Post

  • Click on tab called Video
  • Set Video embedded code

Create Audio Post

  • Click on tab called Image
  • Set Audio embedded code

Create Gallery Post

  • Click on tab called Image
  • Set Gallery images
  • Sort it with Drag & Drop

Additional Settings

Choose your sidebar and so on if you need on Page or Post:

Use Visual Composer and Tons of Shortcodes with 2 additional plugins and custom shortcodes, Social Buttons, Revolution Slider and so on.
You may use documentation about any plugins feature here: Theme Plugins

Theme Options

Below you can see main Admin Panel for any purpose, here you can find all needed settings.

General Settings

General Settings includes great settings to change Size of the content, Logos, Favicon, Background and add Custom CSS

Header Settings

Header Settings includes all needed to create any header you want or use one of the Default Preset.
All settings for Navigation Bar you may find in Theme Options and Main Options of the LMM Menu Plugin.

Blog Settings

You may find all settings about Blog Pages and Posts, all settings natively understandable as you may see below.

Footer Settings

Make your footer awesome with settings you find below.
You can use Presets or customize it manually!

Social Media

Add you social links here, but don't forget that social links for LMM Menu and Social Buttons you should add in each Plugin Settings!


Customize Typography, choose any font you want from 600+ Google Fonts!

Main Palette

Main Palette help you to Set Color Preset for main color or Customize it!

404 Page Settings

404 Page Settings includes all settings for 404 Page, Upload Image and add your custom text if you want!

Coming Soon Page

Coming Soon Page includes all settings for Coming Soon Page Template, Upload Image and add your custom text if you want!

Demo Importer & Import Options

You should import options and dummy content here if you want!

Sidebar Manager

Sideabr Manager you may find in Appearance Sidebars Manager

Theme Main Plugins

All Paid Plugins Included in Main File!

Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress

Read Instruction Here

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer

View this plugin Shortcodes Here

Visual Composer Extensions All in One

View this plugin Shortcodes Here

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

View this Plugin Information Here

LMM - Wordpress Responsive Mega Menu based on Bootstrap

View this Plugin Information Here

Essential Grid WordPress Plugin

View this Plugin Information Here

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

View this Plugin Information Here

Theme Widgets

All Standart and Custom Widgets includes, all theme widgets called this way - WI: Widget Name.

Custom Widgets

Go to Appearance Widgets and use the drag and drop interface to insert widgets into the desired widget areas.

WI: Latest Posts Widget

Latest Posts Widget include this options:

  • Title
  • Filter by Category
  • Number of Posts

WI: Flickr Widget

Flickr Widget include this options:

  • Title
  • Flickr ID
  • Number of photos
  • Thumbnail width
  • Thumbnail height

WI: Twitter Widget

Twitter Widget include this options:

  • Title
  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret
  • User Token
  • User Secret
  • Twitter Username
  • Amount of tweets

MailChimp Sign-Up Form

Add this to your MailChimp settings (MailChimp for WP Forms ):

How To

In this section you may see how easy to use this theme.

Use VC Page Builder

Theme Fully Support Visual Composer and include + 2 Packs More of Shortcodes. So you able to use more than 150+ Shortcodes.


  • First of all you should to enable Visual Composer Classic Mode or Frontend Editor
  • Add Row Element
  • After add your favorite shortcode from the really large menu
  • Don't forget to Save Changes

Use LMM Menu

Set Up Homepage

  • Go to Settings Reading in your WordPress Dasrdoard panel.
  • Set "Front page displays" to a "Static Page".
  • In the drop down menu for "Front Page" choose a page which will be your home page.
  • Leave the drop down menu for "Posts page" empty, as this is not used by the theme.
  • Save changes.

Set Up Coming Soon Page

  • Create a New Page
  • Set "Coming Soon Template" in Page Attributes panel
  • Save changes.
  • Customize it if you need in Theme Options Coming Soon Settings
  • Save changes.

Use Page Options

On each page you may see Additional Settings, use it to set Rev Slider, change gap from top of the page and choose Sidebar and Sidebar Position.

Select Revolution Slider

Here you may select any Slider what you create or import in RevSlider Dashboard

Select Revolution Slider Position

You able to use any position you need:

  • After a Header
  • Before a Header Top Bar
  • Before a Header Mid Bar
  • Before a Header Navigation Bar

Set Top Content Margin (40px)

Set Gap between header and content.

Choose your Sidebar

Set your sidebar here. Create more sidebars at Appearance Sidebars Manager

Choose Sidebar Position

You able to use any position you need for Page and Post.
If you need to use Sidebar for the Page you should use "With Sidebar Template"

  • Right Sidebar
  • Left Sidebar
  • Without Sidebar

Import Revolution Slider

More & Useful

Below you will see other needed information for theme usage.

Child Theme

If you want to make modifications on this theme, it is recommended to use a child theme.
This theme comes with a blank child theme that you can use. In the theme package you can find "b-i-g-child" folder.
Upload this folder to your wp-content/themes folder, and activate it from the Appearance Themes. Once activated, you can start editing inside this "b-i-g-child" folder.

This child theme includes files that you can use to override parent theme's style (style.css) and function (functions.php). By using child theme, you will leave the parent theme unmodified, so when a theme update is available, you can simply replace the parent theme without worry about your modified code. For more info about using child themes, please visit this link:

Language Files (MO/PO)

This theme has MO/PO Files support and POT Template File to create your native language files with MO/PO Editor like Poedit.

Default Language files included in /languages folder.

Speed Optimization

If you think your website takes too much time to load maybe you should.

  1. Install a Cache Plugin for WordPress. We recommend W3 Total Cache.
  2. Install an Image Compress Plugin. We recommend WP Smush It.
  3. Install a Database Optimizer Plugin We recommend WP Optimize
  4. Reduce the number of posts on the page
  5. Reduce the number of unnecessary plugins.
  6. Use more icons and less images.

Theme Updates

This theme has a Big Future, so updates is necessary. All Premium Plugin included in Theme and you will get updates so fast as you can!

Theme Update via WordPress

Updating the theme via WordPress is very similar to the install process via WordPress.
Follow the steps below to update your theme via WordPress:

  • Log into your WordPress Dasrdoard.
  • Go to Appearance Themes.
  • Deactivate the B.I.G Theme by simply activating a different theme. Once you activate a different theme, you can delete the B.I.G theme.
  • Delete the B.I.G Theme. Do not worry, your content will not be lost!
  • Then simply upload the new "" file in the Appearance Themes. Click on the Install Themes tab at the top and choose to upload the zip file. You have this step explained in section: Theme Installation via WordPress.

Theme Update via FTP

Updating the theme via FTP is very similar to the install process via FTP.
Follow the steps below to update your theme via FTP:

  • Go to .../wp-content themes location on your server using a FTP client and backup your "B.I.G" theme folder by saving it to your computer, or you can choose to simply delete it. Your content will not be lost.
  • Download the new version of B.I.G theme from your Themeforest and retrieve B.I.G folder by unpacking the zip that you download from Themeforest and b-i-g-(version.number).zip.
  • Then simply drag and drop the new "B.I.G" theme folder into .../wp-content > themes location. Choose to "Replace" the current one if you did not delete it.
  • Log into your WordPress Dasrdoard, go to Appearance Themes and activate the new B.I.G theme.

Sources & Credits

Resources that are used in the B.I.G.
All Paid and Free Plugins Included in Main File you purchase! Browse through the list below:

Paid & Included Plugins ( Free fo you! )
# Name Description URL
1 LMM - Wordpress Responsive Mega Menu based on Bootstrap Liquida Mega Menu is a WordPress plugin, based on Bootstrap 3.3, designed for both regular users and developers. The LMM Plugin has a simple and intuitive interface, integrated in the WP dashboard, allowing you to create and customize an unlimited amount of mega menus, without any programming skills.
2 Essential Grid WordPress Plugin Essential Grid is a premium plugin for WordPress that allows you to display various content formats in a highly customizable grid. Possible applications range from portfolios, blogs, galleries, WooCommerce shops, price tables, services, product sliders, testimonials and anything else you can imagine.
3 Visual Composer Extensions All in One All the add-ons are in a simple design and extend Visual Composer with more function. This bundle works fine with VC that installed as plugin or in a theme.
4 Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress Envato market’s best-selling social sharing plugin for WordPress Easy Social Share Buttons is all-in-one social sharing plugin for WordPress that allows you supercharge your social shares, monitor, analyze, optimize and increase your social popularity. With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you will take your social sharing & following on a next level.
5 Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin Slider Revolution is an innovative, responsive WordPress Slider Plugin that displays your content the beautiful way. Whether it’s a Slider, Carousel, Hero Scene or even a whole Front Page, the visual, drag & drop editor will let you tell your own stories in no time!
6 Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer This plugin adds several premium elements in your Visual Composer on top of the built-in ones given by WPBakery. Every single element in the package is crafted with utmost attention to details and a simple objective to provide you an ultimate experience. We’ve put a lot of time and care to ensure that all the elements are flexible so that they will open limitless possibilities for you, while maintaining simplicity at the core.
7 Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress This is the first WordPress page builder plugin that gives you full control over responsiveness. It has never been easier to control how your site – or individual parts of it – behave on different devices. Set your desired size of columns and offsets, and even hide specific blocks of elements, depending on the device. Check how your content looks on mobile or desktop with just one click – with our frontend and backend editor, this takes no time at all. So you don’t have to own a bunch of expensive devices to start designing sites that are perfectly responsive and optimized for them!

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